After 7 hours and 29 minutes, pair sets record for riding to every MBTA station

Alex Cox (left) and Dominic DiLuzio, stopwatch in hand, arrived at Wonderland Station as they tried to set a record for visiting every T station on every subway line the fastest.
David L. Ryan/Globe Staff
Alex Cox (left) and Dominic DiLuzio, stopwatch in hand, arrived at Wonderland Station as they tried to set a record for visiting every T station on every subway line the fastest.

REVERE — The Blue Line train was berthed at Wonderland Station for what felt like a single second before Dominic DiLuzio and Alex Cox came barreling through the doors, shoulder-to-shoulder, sweat glistening on their foreheads.

DiLuzio looked down at his stopwatch and checked the time, slightly out of breath because of the excitement over what the pair had just accomplished: seven hours, 29 minutes, and 46 seconds, the clock read.

“We did it,” he mumbled.


After months of planning, DiLuzio and Cox set a new, unofficial world record for traveling to every MBTA stop throughout the system in the fastest time possible. The long hours spent riding on the transit lines were part of an attempt to secure a Guinness World Records title.

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Evidence — photos, videos, and other information documenting the attempt — still needs to be submitted by Cox and DiLuzio to the record-keeping organization before it’s officially logged in the book. In twelve weeks’ time, they should have a final answer from the company.

But on Friday, after hours of pushing through crowds, skipping bathroom breaks, and running their hardest to catch trains, the Guinness accolades almost didn’t matter. They had achieved something many thought was impossible and traversed the T’s sprawling system in under eight hours.

“A couple of hiccups here and there,” said Cox, wearing a smile across his face. “But we stuck exactly to our plan. I can’t believe that we did it in the time that we did, and hopefully this will be a record that people won’t be able to beat for a long time.”

“And if they do,” DiLuzio chimed in, “I’ll be back. I’m not letting this go easily.”


DiLuzio first came up with the plan to attempt the world record more than two years ago, after he was inspired by another Boston-area resident who had unofficially completed the feat for mere bragging rights.

After reaching out to Guinness and submitting an application, he enlisted Cox, a self-proclaimed “transit nerd” and Massachusetts Department of Transportation employee, to come along for the ride. The mission had been supported by the MBTA, though the transit agency did not sponsor the event or help them plan for it.

Alex Cox and Dominic DiLuzio entered Boylston Station.
David L. Ryan/Globe Staff
Alex Cox and Dominic DiLuzio entered Boylston Station.

DiLuzio and Cox started their journey around 5:30 a.m. Friday, when they boarded a Red Line train at Alewife Station. Within 90 minutes, they had traveled the entire Red Line.

After that, the pair hopped on a trolley and traveled along the Mattapan Line. Then, it was onto a portion of the Orange Line before they hit the Green Line’s many branches.

By around 11:18 a.m., they made it to Lechmere, on the E Line, completing the entire Green Line. The task alone took three hours and 15 minutes, they said.


Shortly after, DiLuzio and Cox shifted their attention to the last leg of the Orange Line and headed toward Oak Grove station. They finished that line just before noon, putting to rest the Red, Green, and Orange lines before switching trains to take on the Blue Line.

Just before 1 p.m., DiLuzio and Cox, who was wearing a bright red T-shirt bearing the T’s logo, spilled onto the platform at Wonderland, claiming sweet victory.

They were met by friends who held a bottle of champagne and “T” badges decorated with colored ribbons, each one representing a train line they rode.

A media scrum and officials from the MBTA also greeted them upon arrival.

Dominick Tribone, director of customer experience for the T, handed the pair customized Charlie Cards with their names and the date of the challenge printed on them. Then he commended their efforts.

“We think it’s great that they were out on our system, and we think it’s awesome that they like the T so much and appreciate the value that we bring to the commuters that we serve,” Tribone said. “And we really appreciate their enthusiasm.”

All of the praise, adoration, and trinkets were nice, of course. But DiLuzio and Cox had one more goal to accomplish.

“Take a shower,” DiLuzio and Cox said, almost in unison.

Just before 1 p.m., Alex Cox and Dominic DiLuzio spilled onto the platform at Wonderland, claiming sweet victory.
David L. Ryan/Globe Staff
Just before 1 p.m., Alex Cox and Dominic DiLuzio spilled onto the platform at Wonderland, claiming sweet victory.

Below is a complete timeline of Cox and DiLuzio’s journey, as told through their Twitter accounts:

5:24 a.m.: After spending days mapping out their route, DiLuzio and Cox began their world record attempt at the Red Line’s Alewife station, in Cambridge.

6:15 a.m.: The duo completed a portion of the Red Line, as they arrived at Braintree Station.

6:57 a.m.: They made it to Ashmont Station, finishing the entire Red Line in just 90 minutes.

7:03 a.m.: DiLuzio and Cox boarded a PCC trolley on the Mattapan Line.

7:14 a.m.: They got a lift on a bus and headed to their next destination. “Gotta love our MBTA bus network,” Cox said in a tweet.

7:34 a.m.: Cox and DiLuzio boarded the Orange Line to start the next stretch of their journey, beginning at Forest Hills.

8:05 a.m.: They tackled the Green Line’s B Line, which marked the second-longest single segment of the trip. Luckily, the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge project was finished in time, so there were no disruptions.

9:05 a.m.: After an hour on the B Line, the pair reported that they were boarding the C Line from Beacon Street, in Brookline, for the next leg of the transit jaunt.

9:38 a.m.: After knocking out both the Green Line’s B and C lines — and spending four hours on their record attempt — they were on to the D Line.

10 a.m.: - DiLuzio and Cox completed all of the stops along the Red Line and Mattapan Line, as well as three of the Green Line’s branches.

10:48 a.m.: The pair boarded the Green Line’s E Line at Heath Street, with the goal of capping off the entire line.

11:10 a.m.: After a “tiny hiccup” when their E Line train was taken out of service at Government Center, DiLuzio and Cox were back on track — literally — as they made a “painless transfer” to another train and headed to Lechmere.

11:18 a.m.: “Made it to Lechmere,” the team reported. “Green Line is complete! Took just under 3 hours 15 minutes to hit every station.”

11:36 a.m.: The dynamic duo was on the last leg of the Orange Line, headed toward Oak Grove. Once there, the Orange would be complete, leaving them with just the Blue Line to conquer.

11:55 a.m.: DiLuzio and Cox completed their required trips on the Red, Green, and Orange lines as they headed to the final stretch to Wonderland Station.

12:27 p.m.: “We’re getting on the Blue Line at State,” Cox reports from underground. “Just have to loop around Bowdoin, and then off to our final station, Wonderland!”

Just before 1 p.m.: Sweating and excited, the champions stepped onto the platform at Wonderland Station.

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