Even high-performers can use a professional organizer

Needham resident Corinne Morahan founded Grid + Glam in December.

A self-described “organizing junkie from day one,” Corinne Morahan continually put organizational systems in place to optimize efficiency as her career progressed to Wall Street, real estate finance, nonprofit and higher education management, and consulting.

The Needham resident now leverages her perfectionist tendencies so others may enjoy calm in their homes and lives through Grid + Glam, which she opened in December. Morahan offers in-person organizing sessions, virtual coaching, and Grid X Consulting for corporate clients.

Q. What is your organizing philosophy?

A. My whole premise is to be totally nonjudgmental while providing practical tips, motivation, and accountability. Everyone has a different threshold for organization. What matters are your standards, not mine, and what makes you feel on top of your own space.

Q. Who is your typical client?


A. Most are super-high- performing in some area — as a spouse, parent, or business professional — while also somehow drowning in clutter and chaos. They don’t have the time, or they don’t know where to begin, or they just don’t want to — which is a totally legitimate reason to call in professional help.

Q. What is your process?

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A. I start with a free consultation and assessment to understand the areas that will have the biggest impact once they’re organized. Next, I help get rid of anything you don’t use, want, or love. Then I go to the Container Store, or work with what you have, to find a home where everything is kept when it’s not in use. I check in after every session because while the new system should look beautiful, it also has to be functional and fit your lifestyle.

Q. Why is organizing important?

A. Research shows that living in clutter causes stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by stuff — but if you dedicate just 15 minutes each day to tidying up, that’s seven hours at the end of the month. I promise, those are seven hours you’ll get back by not searching for or replacing items that you can’t find.

Q. Is there hope for everyone?

A. Absolutely. Don’t feel badly about what got you to this point. Decluttering is a process — but I truly feel in my heart, and I’ve seen with my clients that once you do it, you’ll have more time, energy, and money to focus on what you love.

For more information, visit gridandglam.com or follow the company on Facebook or Instagram.

Cindy Cantrell can be reached at cindycantrell20@gmail.com.