Snow keeps piling up in New England

The record-breaking snow amounts just keep piling up since the blizzard that hit the Northeast in late January, causing major commuting issues, damage to property, and sore backs across the region.--By Lloyd Young
A long line formed in North Quincy Wednesday morning with commuters waiting for some 2 hours to take a shuttle bus to the JFK Red Line station. (David L. Ryan/Globe Staff)
Jay Bullens Jr. of Able Roofing in Canton climbed with a sledgehammer to the third floor of a house in Brookline to knock snow and ice from a roof, as another storm dropped still more snow on the city. (Lane Turner/Globe Staff)
A huge snowdrift created by the ocean formed in the yard of a home on Beach Ave. in Hull. (John Tlumacki/Globe Staff)
Ryan Burke of Lynn cleared a car of snow in a parking lot behind St. Michael Church in North Andover. The pile behind him is from earlier storms. (Jim Davis/Globe Staff)
Lavina Kilmer waited for an Amtrak train to Maine at North Station in Boston. (Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff)
German Parada (left) made his way down a huge mound on Albany Street in Cambridge, where the city has stored the snow. (Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff)
Workers dropped snow from tarps off the roof at Walmart at the Hanover Mall. (John Tlumacki/Globe Staff)
Ale Mineo-Levitsky, 10, was all smiles on another snow day after plopping face first into a snowbank on Beals Street in Brookline. (Lane Turner/Globe Staff)
Snowbanks can block the visibility of pedestrians on the street on the John F. Fitzgerald Surface Road. (David L. Ryan/Globe Staff)
T riders waited — and waited — for Orange Line trains. (Dina Rudick/Globe Staff)
A snow-covered third rail caused a Red Line train to get stuck between Quincy Adams and Quincy Center stations. (David L. Ryan/Globe Staff)
Joseph Reno of Lowell and his dog, Dakota, waited for an inbound train on the Orange Line at Boston's North Station. (Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff)
Shopping carts poked out from the piles of snow in the South Bay shopping center parking lot. (Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff)
Members of the Massachusetts National Guard helped remove snow in South Weymouth. (Sean Proctor/Globe Staff)
Boston firefighters Dara Nunan and Matthew Brady from Engine 3 dug out fire hydrants along Albany Street after string of snowstorms. (Joanne Rathe/Globe Staff)
Seats behind home plate are buried in snow at Fenway Park in Boston. (Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff)
An advertisement was obscured by snow near South Station in Boston. (Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff)
A snow farm in the Seaport District in South Boston keeps getting bigger. (David L. Ryan/Globe Staff)
A Squantum resident cleared piles of snow from his roof. (Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff)
Quincy firefighters dug out a fire hydrant on Sea Street. (David L. Ryan/Globe Staff)
Crews removed snow from MBTA commuter rail tracks in Scituate. (Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff)
A cyclist crossed Commonwealth Avenue at Harvard Avenue in Allston. (Lane Turner/Globe Staff)
The pile at the end of the Lori Bennett’s driveway in Methuen keeps getting higher. (Jim Davis/Globe Staff)
Stephen Fiske, Elizabeth Smith, and Representative Nick Collins helped shovel out cars on East Sixth Street in South Boston. (Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff)
Crowds in Copley Square stood on snowbanks to see their heroes as the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots had a duck boat parade in snow-choked Boston. (Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff)
Dashawn Johnson (center) helped an elderly woman cross the street at Maverick Square in East Boston. (David L. Ryan/Globe Staff)
Music professor Rictor Noren refuses to dress down, no matter the New England weather. He says he dresses well out of "respect for the music." (Dina Rudick/Globe Staff)
Shirley Jean helped with Mike Jackson's car along with his wife, Cay Jackson, on Old Colony Avenue. (David L. Ryan/Globe Staff)
Ian Reynolds pulled is 5-year-olds, Zack and Sophie, on sleds down the arcade at Commonwealth Avenue. (Dina Rudick/Globe Staff)
Parking space savers in the South End. (Sean Proctor/Globe Staff)
Crews used an Aero Snow Melter to dispatch mounds at the Marine Industrial Park snow farm. (Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff)
Jose Luis Bavahona (left) and Pawel Szymanski shoveled out on Appleton Street to make a walkway to the building they are rehabbing. (John Tlumacki/Globe Staff)
A man ran to catch a commuter rail train before it left South Station. (Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff)
Cars were still buried in South Boston. (Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff)
Homeowner Elaine Melanson stuck a white flag of surrender it in the snow pile in front of her Norwell home. "No more snow. Enough!" she said. (John Tlumacki/Globe Staff)
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