Good week, bad week

Governor Charlie Baker.

Good week

Look who’s Mr. Popularity — again. This month, two polls showed Massachusetts voters giving Governor Charlie Baker high marks. A poll from Morning Consult, a digital media company, showed 74 percent of state voters approve of his work. That’s the highest mark any governer in the country gets in a home state (and they polled all of them). Most recently, a Suffolk University survey showed 70 percent approve of Baker’s job performance. That score is unchanged from the last time Suffolk asked voters about Baker in April. Not too shabby considering what’s happened in the past seven months (the crisis in the Department of Children and Families and massive quantities of snow, for example). Forget popularity: He’s Governor Teflon.

Bad week

Donald Trump would probably be the first to describe himself as invincible, but this week revealed a few chinks in his armor. First, Trump asserted (and re-asserted) his widely disputed claim that “thousands of people” cheered in New Jersey when the World Trade Center collapsed on Sept. 11. (Again, this never happened.) Trump’s supporters might not care, but this has got to hurt the New York businessman: A new Suffolk University/Boston Globe showed Mitt Romney as the only candidate who could lead Trump in the New Hampshire Republican primary. The former governor is not running, but that doesn’t mean he’s not smiling somewhere.