Latest 2017 Top Places To Work headlines

What resumes can’t show about job candidates, skills tests can

Discerning the talents of job candidates is no longer just about their schooling and previous work experience.

Acorio selected No. 1 small company in Mass.

Employees at this software consultancy check their egos, and their drama, at the door.

Top medium-size employers for 2017

Check out the 40 companies with 100 to 249 workers that made the Globe’s list of top workplaces.

Top large employers for 2017 in Mass.

These 35 organizations with 250 to 999 employees made the Globe’s list of top workplaces.

Top largest employers for 2017 in Greater Boston

Check out the 25 organizations with 1,000 or more employees that made the Globe’s list of top workplaces.

2016 Top Places to Work

Top Places to Work

// Bright Horizons Family Solutions tops the list of largest companies

The operator of child-care centers gives employees flexibility and a culture with a family feel.

2015 Top Places to Work

// In a 24/7 world, disconnecting from work requires some creativity

With technology making it harder than ever to stop working, some companies have implemented policies that inspire employees to take a break.

2014 Top Places to Work

// Executives get back in the trenches at the companies they run

Officials shared secrets to making workers happy at the highest-ranked companies in this year’s Top Places to Work survey.

2013 Top Places to Work

No. 1 Largest Employer

// Bright Horizons, where leaders listen

David Lissy, the chief executive at the global day-care giant, shows new managers that he values them by serving them lunch in his Needham home.

2012 Top Places to Work

Top Largest Company

// Cultural synergy at Millennium Pharmaceuticals

When the Cambridge company was bought by Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. in 2008, the Japanese firm was clear that it wanted to retain Millennium’s talent and capabilities.

2011 Top Places to Work

Top places to work

// The Google mind

Employees at Google, our top medium employer, often credit smart colleagues with making the workplace vibrant and interesting.

More 2017 Top Places To Work headlines

Top Places to Work

Top small employers for 2017

These 25 companies made the Globe’s list of top workplaces with 50 to 99 employees.

Everett, MA - 10/25/2017 - TPTW Project engineer Jovinson Ripert (cq), left, is 23. Project executive Mike Cappellano (cq) is 63. They work together in the Wynn Design and Development site office of the Wynn Boston Harbor project, in Everett (cq). Suffolk (cq) (NO LONGER SUFFOLK CONSTRUCTION) has a reverse mentoring program. (Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff) Topic: 111917generations Reporter: Tim Logan

Top Places to Work

How to get employees from different generations to work together effectively

With employees ranging from senior citizens to new college graduates, companies are using many techniques to bring them together.

Top Places to Work

How companies are choosing to ignore or embrace political discussion

Political chitchat can increase workplace stress and lower productivity. But taking a stand can also pump up the troops.

Top Places to Work

Staff who believe in the company are powerful brand ambassadors online

Employee posts online are taken more seriously than official messaging, which can save companies money on advertising, while adding customers.

Top Places to Work

Opening doors for the over-50 job seeker thrives by matching “age-friendly” employers and experienced workers with much-needed skills.

Wilmington, MA - 10/23/2017 - TPTW CEO Albert Serur (cq) delivers a sermon-like address to the troops. Every Monday, Serur Agencies (cq) holds its Agency Meeting in the Turf Room. An added highlight of this recognition and motivational meeting is the presence of the company's president, David Zophin (cq), who is based in Waco, Texas. (Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff )Topic: 111917training Reporter: XXX

Top Places to Work

These companies take training way past the basics

Technical skills are just a start for some employers, who also help workers develop leadership, empathy, and methods of dealing with difficult situations.

Top Places to Work

10 creative perks designed to make workers feel valued

Bonuses for failure, dog-friendly workplaces, and handwritten notes from the CEO all tell employees they matter.

Framingham, MA - 10/19/2017 - TPTW Grant Beckett's (cq) old office in Southboro (before the company's move to Framingham) was decorated in an aloha theme to welcome him back to work. He saved this banner and these fun cut-out photographs, about 98, in a binder. They were used to

Top Places to Work

After a serious accident, a caring CEO and co-workers make recovery a group effort

An employee facing serious medical problems gets a boost from the very top.

Boston, MA - 10/17/2017 - TPTW They play

Top Places to Work

12 weeks of paid parental leave applies to dads, too

For new dads, more paid paternity leave equals more job satisfaction.

Boston, MA - 10/24/2017 - TPTW Lisa Brothers (cq), standing, drops in on a go/no-go meeting for responding to a project proposal. Seated clockwise from left are Anna Luciano (cq), Scott Turner (cq), Virginia Steigerwald (cq), and Jennifer Johnson (cq). Brothers is chairman and CEO of Nitsch Engineering (cq). (Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff) Topic: 111917wagegap Reporter: Stephanie Ebbert

Top Places to Work

Boston-area men make 23 percent more than women at comparable jobs

222 companies have joined a compact to change that.

Boston, MA - 10/30/2017 - TPTW Diabetic-alert service dog

Top Places to Work

Correcting the misconceptions about workers with disabilities

For companies that are willing to be flexible, embracing accommodations means both challenges and rewards.

Top Places to Work

Making remote workers feel like part of the office again

Robots, video calls, and other advances make remote work less isolating and even a little more fun.

David J. Deming is a Harvard professor at the Graduate School of Education and Economics.

Top Places to Work

The golden ticket to higher paying jobs: Hard skills plus social skills

A Harvard researcher demonstrates the value of collaboration, even in highly technical fields.

Top Places to Work

Secrets of success from the 10 Top Places to Work all-stars

Tips on how to keep employees happy, from the 10 companies that have made the list all 10 years.

Top Places to Work

Ten employees who love their jobs (yes, really)

From scientists to engineers to a hotel bellman, these people are passionate about what they do.

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Announcing the 2017 Top Places to Work

Winners are being revealed at this year’s Top Places to Work event at the Boston Design Center this year. Follow along to find out which companies made the list.

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