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Michael Patrick McCarthy, convicted of killing 2-year-old Bella Bond, appeared in Suffolk Superior Court on Friday.

Judge denies motion to downgrade conviction in Bella Bond murder

A Suffolk Superior Court judge Friday rejected a plea to reduce the second-degree murder conviction of Michael McCarthy.

Rachelle Bond, 41, was sentenced to time served and placed on two years’ probation this week for her role in the death of her child.

Mother of Bella Bond no longer behind bars

Rachelle Bond was released from the Suffolk County House of Correction Friday, but where she is now living was not publicly disclosed.

Rachelle Bond will be transferred Friday from jail to an inpatient program to treat psychiatric and substance abuse issues.


The mother of all leniency

Rachelle Bond’s sentence didn’t seem lenient so much as — like the horrific circumstances in which Bella died — impossible to fathom.

Rachelle Bond testifies in Suffolk Superior Court in Boston in the case of her former boyfriend, Michael McCarthy.

Rachelle Bond expected to be sentenced Wednesday

Bond was supposed to be sentenced last month, but a drug treatment center reversed course and refused to take her.

Michael McCarthy, the murderer of toddler Bella Bond, was sentenced on Wednesday to life in prison with parole eligibility in 20 years.

Michael McCarthy gets life for murder of Bella Bond

Michael McCarthy will be eligible for parole in 20 years for killing the 2-year-old.

Rachelle Bond wiped away tears June 5 while testifying against her former boyfriend, Michael P. McCarthy. McCarthy was convicted Monday of second-degree murder in the death of Rachelle’s daughter, 2-year-old Bella.

In a surprise twist, Rachelle Bond is staying in jail

Bond, the mother of murdered 2-year-old Bella, “has nowhere to go” and “does not want to be released to the streets,” her lawyer said.

Michael McCarthy looked toward the jury during his murder trial.

Michael McCarthy found guilty in death of 2-year-old Bella Bond

A Suffolk jury convicted Michael McCarthy of second-degree murder for killing 2-year-old Bella Bond, then dumping her body in the harbor.

Michael P. McCarthy looked at his attorney, Jonathan Shapiro, after the verdict was read.


Some unexpected justice for Bella

A 2-year-old girl was murdered and discarded like trash. And someone has been held accountable for her death.

(06/26/2017- Boston, MA) Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley speaks to the media flanked by his lawyers and detectives after a murder in the second degree guilty verdict for Michael P. McCarthy in the death of Bella Bond at Suffolk Superior Court on Monday, June 26, 2017. (Matt West/POOL)


A just verdict for Bella Bond

One can only hope that the conviction of Michael McCarthy in the death of 2-year-old girl holds lessons for others.

Bella Bond.

Jurors likely swayed by the death of an innocent in Bella Bond trial, lawyers say

The jury in the Michael McCarthy case apparently accepted at least some of the testimony of Rachelle Bond about the murder of her daughter.

Mourners gathered during a sunset vigil held at Deer Island for Bella Bond on Sunday.

Argument breaks out at Deer Island vigil for Bella Bond

One woman accused Michael McCarthy’s friend, present at the vigil, of being complicit in the toddler’s death.

Jurors in Bella Bond murder trial deliberating nearly four days

Twenty-two hours have passed since Judge Janet Sanders sent the jury to deliberate.

Flawed star witnesses link Hernandez, Bella Bond cases

“I’m sure someone is gnashing their teeth over there in the Suffolk DA’s office,” one expert said, “‘here we go again.’”

Defendant Michael McCarthy (left) and defense attorney Jonathan Shapiro listened as prosecutor David Deakin made his closing argument in the Bella Bond murder trial.

Nestor Ramos

The devil in the details, and in their veins

The role that heroin’s destructive power played in Bella Bond’s death came into sharp focus Tuesday.

(Boston, Ma 062017) After closing arguments in the murder trial of Michael McCarthy, defense attorney Jonathan Shapiro argues with Judge Janet Sanders. June 20, 2017 (Chris Christo/POOL)

‘You’re screwing up my whole case!’ defense attorney tells judge in Bella Bond trial

The judge in the Michael McCarthy trial abruptly changed the legal instructions jurors will receive as they consider whether McCarthy killed Bella Bond.

Jurors were brought to the spot where Bella Bond’s remains were discovered on Deer Island.

Investigator testifies about discovery of Bella Bond’s body

Bella Bond’s remains were found in a plastic bag that had washed up on the shore of Deer Island in 2015.

The state's Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Henry Nields reviewed his autopsy report under cross examination by defense attorney Jonathan Shapiro, right, during the trial of Michael McCarthy on Thursday.

No medical evidence that stomach blow killed Bella Bond

The biological father of Bella Bond also resumed testifying Friday about how he learned from Rachelle Bond that the toddler was dead.

Rachelle Bond wept on the stand Thursday.


Rachelle Bond’s testimony might not be enough to convict, legal specialists say

Rachelle Bond’s testimony in the ongoing trial of her former boyfriend, Michael McCarthy, may not be enough to convict him, experts say.

Michael McCarthy, left, spoke with his attorney Jonathan Shapiro during his murder trial on Thursday.

Nestor Ramos

Was justice for Bella washed away?

A California case suggests that water might have washed away Bella Bond’s best chance at justice.

Adult body found in Boston Harbor near Deer Island

The body was in such a state of decomposition that investigators were not immediately able to determine the age, gender, or ethnicity of the person.

Under cross examination by defense attorney Jonathan Shapiro, Rachelle Bond testified Wednesday in the murder trial of Michael McCarthy.

Rachelle Bond insists former boyfriend murdered child once known as ‘Baby Doe’

Bond completed a grueling cross-examination Wednesday in Suffolk Superior Court, where her former boyfriend is on trial for murder.

Rachelle Bond testified Tuesday under questioning by defense attorney Jonathan Shapiro.

Rachelle Bond says she didn’t see Michael McCarthy dispose of toddler’s body

Rachelle Bond remained on the witness in the trial of Michael McCarthy, accused in the death of Bella Bond.


From the grave, Baby Bella’s voice provides an oddly sweet moment

As her murdered 2-year-old daughter’s voice floated across a courtroom in downtown Boston Monday, Rachelle Bond smiled and cried at the same time.

Rachelle Bond returned to the stand Monday in the trial of Michael McCarthy.

Bella Bond’s mother says she’s ashamed she didn’t call 911

Rachelle Bond admitted to lying after her 2-year-old daughter was murdered so she could keep her Dorchester apartment and have money to buy heroin.

Rachelle Bond.

‘He said he would kill me,’ Rachelle Bond says of ex-boyfriend during testimony

Bond delivered her horrific testimony in Michael McCarthy’s Suffolk Superior Court trial, which began Tuesday.

Testifying Friday as part of deal with prosecutors, Rachelle Bond described Michael McCarthy as a conspiracy theorist who nevertheless projected a powerful intellect.

Nestor Ramos

Behind Bella’s death, a Bible and a book of lies

The only two people who could know how Bella Bond died faced each other Friday, in a courtroom filled with despair.

Rachelle Bond has said McCarthy, her live-in boyfriend, beat Bella to death because he was convinced Bella was possessed by demons.


Justice for Baby Bella rests on the credibility of the mother who failed her

One thing Michael McCarthy’s defense attorney said about Rachelle Bond is true: “Without her testimony, the Commonwealth has no case.”

Jurors peered down into the waters of Reserve Channel, opposite the Black Falcon Terminal, on Thursday.

Jurors in Bella Bond trial view key scenes of the crime

Jurors were expected to visit five sites, including Deer Island, where the body of Bella Bond washed up in 2015.

Michael McCarthy (left) conferred with his attorney, Jonathan Shapiro, in court Tuesday.

Accused killer taught Bella Bond to ‘blow heads off’ monsters she saw in her nightmares with love

The defense sought to paint the man accused of murdering 2-year-old Bella Bond as a caring, intelligent person.

Michael McCarthy in court last week, during jury selection.

Bella Bond murder trial opens Tuesday

Michael McCarthy of Dorchester is accused of killing his girlfriend’s daughter and dumping the girl’s body in the ocean in 2015.

Defense attorney Jonathan Shapiro, right, introduced Michael McCarthy to potential jurors on Monday.

Opening statements for Bella Bond murder case expected Tuesday

Michael Patrick McCarthy has been charged with the first-degree murder of his former girlfriend’s daughter, Bella, in 2015.

Boston, MA - 5/22/2017 - Defense attorney Jonathan Shapiro (cq), right, introduces Michael McCarthy (cq) to potential jurors. From left are BC Law student intern Michael Patnode (cq) and co-counsel Mia Teitelbaum (cq). Jury selection begins for Commonwealth vs. Michael McCarthy (cq), in Suffolk Superior Court. McCarthy is charged with the murder of 2-year-old Bella Bond (cq). Judge Janet Sanders presides. POOL Photo by Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff Topic: 23mccarthy Reporter: Nestor Ramos

Three jurors picked for trial of man accused of murdering Bella Bond

Drugs, demons, and the occult are among the issues jurors will weigh as they decide the fate of the man accused of killing the 2-year-old, lawyers said.

Photos from the Facebook page of Rachelle Bond of daughter, Bella, possible Baby Doe found on Deer Island. (Facebook)


The Bella Bond story is not over

Progress has been made in reforming the Department of Children and Families. But children are still dying.

Rachelle Bond appeared in Suffolk Superior Court for pre-trial motions.

Bella Bond’s mother wants judge to dismiss charges

Rachelle Bond’s lawyer said her client’s actions do not meet the legal definition of an accessory after the fact of murder.

Bella Bond’s mother plans to testify against boyfriend

The mother of the 2-year-old whose body was found in a trash bag on Deer Island plans to testify at her ex-boyfriend’s murder trial.

Arrest warrant issued for Bella Bond’s father

An arrest warrant has been issued for the father of Bella Bond, the toddler found dead at Deer Island last summer.

Joseph Amoroso was arraigned in December 2015 on theft charges in South Boston Municipal Court.

Bella Bond’s father faces larceny charges in Revere

Joseph Amoroso, 33, who was charged with theft last year in Boston, was accused of stealing purses from a nail salon.

Michael McCarthy pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder.

Lawyer for McCarthy accuses Rachelle Bond of killing ‘Baby Doe’

Michael McCarthy’s lawyer said that his girlfriend has duped prosecutors into blaming him for Bella Bond’s death.

Rachelle Bond (right) consulted with her defense attorney, Janice Bassil.

Bella Bond’s mother pleads not guilty

New, grim details in the case emerged Wednesday as Rachelle Bond appeared in court for the first time since being indicted.

Bella Bond’s mother, her boyfriend indicted

Rachelle Bond and Michael McCarthy face charges in connection to the death of the little girl known for months as “Baby Doe.”

Rachelle Bond has been charged with covering up the killing.

DCF worker who copied reports in Bella Bond case keeps job

The employee copied years-old reports when preparing evaluations of the mother of the slain 2-year-old.

Joseph Amoroso was arraigned at South Boston district court on Wednesday.

‘Do you know who I am?’ Bella Bond’s dad allegedly said

Joseph Amoroso was released Wednesday after he was arrested for allegedly trying to steal a cart full of Home Depot items.

Joseph Amoroso was arrested Tuesday.

Father of ‘Baby Doe’ charged in shoplifting case

“Now you can tell everyone that you locked up Bella Bond’s dad,” Joseph Amoroso allegedly told officers.

Winthrop-11/28/15- A funeral and burial service was held for Bella Bond, the toddler who became know as Baby Doe after her body was discovered in a trash bag in June on Deer Island in Winthrop. Joseph Amoroso, the child's biological father wept as he took a pink rose from the coffin which was draped in a hand-made quilt with adorned with sayings. Boston Globe staff photo by John Tlumacki(metro)

Girl whose body was found on Deer Island is laid to rest

Bond was buried in Winthrop, where she was welcomed as daughter even before investigators knew who she was or how she died.

Bella Bond.

Exact cause of Bella Bond’s death still unclear

Investigators are not sure exactly what killed the 2-year-old but determined it was definitely homicide.

Governor Charlie Baker gestured during a press conference Tuesday to announce changes to DCF policy.


New DCF policies require vigilant follow-through

Fulfilling Governor Baker’s pledge requires top quality staffing and unwavering top-down vigilance.

Bella Bond’s body was found in a trash bag on the Deer Island shore back in June.

Bella Bond’s body released to her father

Joseph Amoroso said in a telephone interview Thursday night that he is planning a private funeral and burial for the girl.

Hearing postponed in Bella Bond case

The hearing has been rescheduled of the man and woman charged in connection with the girl’s death.

Decades-old slayings of woman, 3 girls still baffle N.H. officials

Police, forensic investigators, web sleuths, and child advocates have had no luck in solving one of the state’s most puzzling cases.

Bella Bond.

DCF employee’s work in Bella Bond case to be examined

The worker copied old reports when preparing evaluations of the mother of the 2-year-old whose body was found on Deer Island.