Latest Free Speech Rally headlines

Hundreds of counterprotesters gathered on Boston Common in opposition to rally organized by a group called Resist Marxism.

Rallies and protests on Boston Common, but little violence

About a hundred ralliers were on the Common Saturday, and several hundred counterprotesters came out. Police kept the groups separated.

The Aug. 19 rally on Boston Common drew a small crowd.

Organizers of free speech rally planned for next month will go ahead despite denial of permit

“We have a right to peaceably assemble under the 1st amendment of the Constitution and we will exercise that right,” said the group. 

Organizers stood on the bandstand on Boston Common during a

Man accused of bringing gun to free speech rally on Boston Common arraigned in court

Nathan Mizrahi was among the 33 people arrested at the rally and counterprotest that took place on Boston Common on Aug. 19.

A “free speech” rally was held on Boston Common in August.

Permit sought for 2nd free speech rally on Common, in November

A group calling itself Resist Marxism says on its website that it will hold a “Rally for the Republic” on Nov. 18.

Boston, MA- August 19, 2017: “Boston Free Speech” rally at the Boston Common, Boston, MA on August 19, 2017. Thousands of protesters are expected to flood downtown Boston Saturday, with the “Boston Free Speech” rally on Boston Common likely surrounded by several different counter-actions. (CRAIG F. WALKER/GLOBE STAFF) section: metro reporter:

Nestor Ramos

So you want to hold a ‘free speech’ rally on Boston Common

A few quick guidelines to make your next terrible event a success.

Counterprotesters stood at the edge of their barricade as a

Organizers of Boston ‘free speech’ rally are planning another one

The Boston Free Speech Coalition intends to have one more rally, likely on Boston Common, before winter, and has started the permitting process.

Nathan Mizrahi is charged with a firearm offense.

White supremacists among those arrested after ‘Free Speech’ Rally

Four of the 33 people arrested Saturday, including some city officials believe were white supremacists, had weapons.

Boston, MA- August 19, 2017: Imani Williams helping Trump supporter through the crowd at the Boston Common, Boston, MA on August 19, 2017. Thousands of protesters are expected to flood downtown Boston Saturday, with the ÒBoston Free SpeechÓ rally on Boston Common likely surrounded by several different counter-actions. (CRAIG F. WALKER/GLOBE STAFF) section: metro reporter:

This tweet from Saturday went viral. Here’s the story behind it

During the rallies in Boston on Saturday, Imani Williams stepped in and guided a Donald Trump supporter to safety. The Internet took note.

Four among 33 rally arrests Saturday had weapons

The bulk of the charges included disturbing a public assembly, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest, according to a list of the arrests police posted to their website Sunday.

Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley praised the actions of Boston police at Saturday’s events.

Cardinal O’Malley tweets praise for police, protesters

“We thank God for the courage of those who gathered at Boston Common to reaffirm that we are one nation,” O’Malley wrote.

Thousands of people marched down Tremont Street on Saturday.

Resolute and ready, Boston marchers made voices heard

One week after violence in Charlottesville, anything seemed possible. Would there be bloodshed here, too?

Police were out in force Saturday at the Parkman Bandstand, where free speech advocates held a brief rally, well separated from counterdemonstrators.

‘Free speech’ rally speakers, little heard, end event quickly

Those who study and advocate for the First Amendment were split on the city’s actions.

Thousands of counterprotesters marched down Tremont Street on Saturday.

In a city with fraught racial past, a day of protest against hatred and bigotry

Throngs on Boston Common chanted — sometimes angrily, often profanely — against Nazis, racism, the KKK, and fascists.

Boston, MA - 8/19/17 - The congregating marchers during a march from Roxbury to the Boston Common as part of a counter-protest to a free speech rally being held there on Saturday, August 19, 2017. This day's protest occurred as part of the ongoing national outrage after protests in Charlottesville, Virginia turned deadly last weekend, primarily in opposition to what's seen as a rise in prominence and visibility of white supremacists and Neo-Nazis. (Nicholas Pfosi for The Boston Globe) Topic: 20rally photos (only)

This is how big the crowds were in Boston for the rallies

Here are some photos and videos that capture just how large the crowds were in Boston on Saturday.

epa06152312 A white nationalist supporter is surrounded by antifascist counter-protesters after he was knocked down by the group on the Boston Common in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 19 August 2017. Thousands of both white nationalists or the 'Alt-Right' and counter protesters have organized protests in Boston. EPA/MATTHEW HEALEY


Protesters face a tricky balance on free speech

Call them Nazis, white supremacists or “free speech” advocates — whatever label you prefer, they were the hunted and harassed Saturday on Boston Common.

Counterprotesters during Saturday’s march from Roxbury to Boston Common.

Adrian Walker

As a ‘free speech’ rally fizzled, a march for unity triumphed

The tiny rally on Boston Common was clearly a bust. Tens of thousands of counterprotesters made an emphatic show of unity.

Watch live: Walsh, Evans give update after rally

Thousands gathered in Boston to counterprotest a “free speech” rally on Boston Common.

A woman held a sign that said “Alt-Right Delete.”

Some of the best signs from Saturday’s Boston Common rallies

Thousands of people flocked to the city Saturday to protest against a “free speech” rally. Here are some of the most interesting signs they carried.

Boston-8/19/17 A Free Speech rally was held on Boston Common as counter protesters marched down Tremont Street to Boston Common. John Tlumacki/Globe Staff(metro)

Tens of thousands march for unity, overwhelming ‘free speech’ rally

There were some tense confrontations throughout the day, and 27 arrests, but Boston saw nothing like the violence that hit Charlottesville, Va.

Live updates

Crowds mostly disperse after ‘free speech’ protest ends early

As crowds of counterprotestors began to dissipate, tensions seemed to ease in some areas around Boston Common Saturday afternoon.

Boston, MA - 08/19/2017 - The counterprotest march makes it way down Tremont Street. (John Tlumacki/Globe Staff) Reporter: Topic:

Boston Free Speech organizers planned to start with moment of silence for Charlottesville victim

The Boston Free Speech rally organizers had 14 speakers scheduled to address crowds g wathered on the Common but the event ended early.

The Big Picture

Scenes from the rallies in Boston

Thousands took to the streets and parks of Boston Saturday to make their voices heard.

The Park Street and Boylston subway stations will close at noonSaturday, until crowds disperse from the “Boston Free Speech” rally and counter-protests on Boston Common this afternoon.

Park Street, Boylston stations to close for rallies

The stations will reopen once crowds disperse Saturday.

A protester waited to enter the free speech rally, saying he came to support the Constitution on Boston Common.

What you need to know about the rallies that happened today

Thousands of counterdemonstrators flocked to Boston Common in response to the “Boston Free Speech” event.

Barricades are set up surrounding the bandstand on the Boston Common in advance of the weekend rally.

Boston Common will be ground zero for rallies

After violence in Charlottesville, Va., thousands of counterprotesters will denounce racism and anti-Semitism near a “free speech” rally on Boston Common.

The swan boats in the Public Garden will be closed Saturday due to the rally on Boston Common.

How the Boston protests will unfold on Saturday

Marchers begin walking from the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center in Roxbury at 10 a.m.

Barricades were set up surrounding the bandstand on the Boston Common in advance of the weekend rally.

Would you take kids to protest Saturday’s ‘free speech’ rally?

Like a lot of civically-active parents, Doyle has to balance concerns over safety with her sense of duty to raise her children to stand up for what is right.

Workers set up barricades on the Boston Common.

Street closures and parking restrictions for the Boston rallies

Public safety officials are instituting a number of street closures and parking bans on Saturday ahead of the “free speech” rally and counter demonstrations.

“We’ve had people reach out from the Jewish community, the Asian community; we have people coming from all over the country,” Roxbury activist Monica Cannon said at a press conference Friday.

Counterprotest organizers expect thousands to march from Roxbury to Boston Common

They’re expecting up to 30,000 people to participate but 10,000 are expected to march from Roxbury to Boston Common.

FILE - In this May 3, 2017 file photo, a couple walks with a child in the Boston Common, a park surrounded by buildings in downtown Boston. A Massachusetts bill allowing construction of a skyscraper that would cast shadows on two of America’s most treasured parks, Boston Common and the neighboring Public Garden, has been signed. Gov. Charlie Baker signed the legislation Friday, July 28, 2017, clearing the way for a 775-foot (236-meter) tower on city-owned property. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File)

These items are banned on Boston Common this Saturday

If you’re planning to head to Boston Common on Saturday, take note: Several items are banned due to a controversial rally.

Police Commissioner Bill Evans says anybody getting anywhere near violent will be introduced to a holding cell without a view.

kevin cullen

When Harry Potter robes are preferable to white sheets

The Boston cops are under no illusions about the potential for violent confrontations.

Boston police Commissioner William B. Evans.

BPD wants cooperation from college students ahead of rally

“Student behavior off campus will be regarded the same as if it were on campus,” Boston police Commissioner William B. Evans wrote.

According to a post on the Frog Pond’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, the pool and surrounding areas will remain closed for the entire day.

Frog Pond to close Saturday because of ‘free speech’ rally

Boston Common’s popular splash park and fountain for children will be closed Saturday because of a controversial rally scheduled nearby.

Kyle Chapman, right, got into an altercation at the Texas State Capitol in July.

Speaker list for ‘free speech’ rally includes right-wing extremists

Kyle Chapman and Joe Biggs are likely to draw the most ire from counterprotesters, who are expected to be out in force.

Read the permit issued to organizers of the ‘free speech’ rally on Boston Common

The Boston Free Speech Coalition has received a permit for its Saturday rally.

John Medlar, an organizer of Saturday’s “free speech rally” on Boston Common.

‘Free speech’ rally in Boston gets its permit — with stiff restrictions

“No weapons, no backpacks, no sticks,’’ Mayor Walsh said. “If anyone gets out of control — at all — it will be shut down.”

John Medlar, one of the organizers of Saturday's Boston Free Speech Coalition rally on Boston Common.

Who is the Boston Free Speech Coalition behind Saturday’s rally?

The group has become a source of outrage in Boston, a bane for City Hall, and an outlet for those who feel their voices are being shut out.

Mayor Walsh spoke on Monday, flanked by Governor Baker.

‘Boston does not want you here,’ Walsh says of hate groups

Mayor Martin Walsh spoke at a press conference Monday afternoon with Governor Charlie Baker and community leaders to address the issue.

Gavin McInnes (center) was scheduled to speak at Saturday’s planned free speech rally on Boston Common. On Monday, he said he wasn’t coming.

Speakers at ‘free speech’ rally dropping out

Three of the six speakers scheduled for Saturday’s rally in Boston now won’t appear.

Watch live: Walsh, Baker hold press conference on controversial Boston rally

Mayor Walsh and Governor Baker are speaking about a controversial rally scheduled to take place on Boston Common on Saturday.

A vigil was held Sunday night at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Boston in the wake of the deadly white supremacist gathering in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend.

Where to find counterprotests to Saturday’s ‘free speech’ rally

Several groups around Massachusetts are organizing to demonstrate against hate and violence.

Shiva Ayyadurai.

US Senate candidate plans to address ‘free-speech’ rally on Common

A Cambridge Republican candidate challenging Elizabeth Warren plans to speak at a “free-speech” rally Saturday on Boston Common.

A vigil in support of peaceful anti-fascist protesters in Charlottesville, Va., was held on Boston Common on Sunday.

‘Free-speech’ rally set for Boston has some concerned

“I don’t want that type of hate” coming into our city, Mayor Martin J. Walsh said of the rally scheduled for Saturday. “We don’t need that.”