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Opinion | Jeffrey D. Sachs

US must transition to low-carbon energy

Most of the key changes will hardly be noticed by most of us.

Opinion | Jeffrey D. Sachs

The shifting global landscape

A new chapter of globalization will require a rethinking of foreign policy by the United States and other world powers.

Opinion | Jeffrey D. Sachs

US foreign policy — from primacy to global problem solving

Foreign policy in the coming years should address not only threats, but also opportunities.

Opinion | Jeffrey D. Sachs

Donald Trump and the rebuilding of America

Trump’s pledge to make America’s infrastructure “second to none” is the correct and bold goal for America’s competitiveness, future job creation, and well-being.

Opinion | Jeffrey D. Sachs

Restoring civic virtue in America

The most dire threat American society faces today is the collapse of civic virtue.

opinion | Jeffrey D. Sachs

Big innovations require big investment

Major advances in science and technology cannot occur without major investments from the federal government.

OPINION | Jeffrey D. Sachs

Prosperity in sustainability

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a unique opportunity for the United States to embrace the deep change our nation desperately needs.

Opinion | Jeffrey D. Sachs

The fatal expense of American imperialism

The US is getting the choice between war and peace profoundly wrong, squandering vast sums of money and undermining national security.

Opinion | Jeffrey D. Sachs

Disparities and high costs fuel the health care crisis

Obamacare increased health care coverage but did not solve the crises of sky-high prices, health inequality, or public health.

President Obama is proposing to push TPP through the lame-duck session of Congress.

Opinion | Jeffrey D. Sachs

The truth about trade

It’s possible to be a believer in international trade and an opponent of TPP and TTIP.

Opinion | Jeffrey D. Sachs

Smart machines and the future of jobs

We need to pursue policies so that the next generation of smart machines works for us, rather than us working for them.

Opinion | Jeffrey D. Sachs

Facing up to income inequality

Income inequality in developed nations like the Unites States is not an inevitability of modern global economics, but a political choice.

Opinion | Jeffrey D. Sachs

Sustainable infrastructure after the Automobile Age

The US infrastructure needs long-term planning that goes way beyond quick “shovel ready” remedies.

Opinion | Jeffrey D. Sachs

Decoding the federal budget

To solve our economic problems, we need to overhaul our understanding of the budget, the role of government, and the nature of fiscal policy.

Opinion | Jeffrey D. Sachs

Economic choices facing the United States: Why we need a new direction

The pervasive pessimism that American children today will grow up to worse living standards than their parents is a real possibility, but not an inevitability.