Latest 100 Years Of Kendall Square headlines

At Tatte in Kendall Square, the conversation over croissants might range from T cells to the genome to the “Deflategate” scandal.

Life inside Kendall Square, the beating heart of biotech

Here in the fertile crescent of the biotech industry, you could complete the entire life cycle of a company without much troubling your pedometer.

Lita Nelsen of MIT shattered glass ceilings in the complex world of technology transfer.

Kendall Sq. visionaries

Lita Nelsen’s rich legacy of innovation

MIT’s Lita Nelsen shattered glass ceilings in the complex world of technology transfer.

Sandra Richter got her chance to explain the vision behind the Soofa bench to President Obama at the first White House Maker Faire.

Kendall Sq. visionaries

Smart benches seek to transform city fixtures with data

A park bench that can talk to the cloud? MIT spinout Soofa says that’s just the start of a new wave in high-tech urban infrastructure.

Dr. Jay Bradner left Longwood for Kendall to head Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research.

Kendall Sq. visionaries

Dr. Jay Bradner aims to bridge science with schools

In March, he took over the Kendall-headquartered Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research.

Mark Massie and Dr. Leslie Dewan, who founded Transatomic Power, are determined to find a way to turn nuclear waste into usable fuel.

Kendall Sq. visionaries

A new way to get nuclear power, reducing waste in the process

Transatomic Power is in the midst of a long slog that could redefine the nuclear reactor, giving the world huge amounts of safer, carbon-free electricity.

President and CEO of Editas Medicine Katrine Bosley.

Kendall Sq. visionaries

Her next project: curing a rare, inherited blindness disorder

Katrine Bosley is working to turn gene-editing technology into a marketable therapeutic.

Kendall Sq. visionaries

Biotech enabler launches startups from scratch

Noubar Afeyan’s Flagship Ventures is a Kendall kingmaker, having helped finance some of the buzziest biotech startups in the world.

AN aerial view of the MIT nuclear reactor.


A century of innovation 1916-2016

Kendall Square has been on a centurylong roll that shows no signs of slowing down. Here are a few highlights.

Map: The Kendall Square network

The biggest players in Kendall Square.