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Our families were raised together

Our families will be doing Christmas together this year too, which could be a good or bad thing depending on how this goes.

Love Letters

Is he finally ready for more?

We’ve been friends with benefits but here’s the thing – over the past few months we’ve been closer than ever.

Meredith Goldstein | Love Letters

The woman he’s dating won’t tell her hiking buddy she’s seeing someone

Am I offbase to want her to stop spending time with this guy?

Love Letters

What if my past is my future?

I have noticed that there has been one constant thing in my life — that I haven’t really fallen out of love with that first ex-girlfriend

Love Letters

My family hasn’t welcomed my boyfriend

Is this just because I am the oldest daughter/niece? Is my family seeing something I am not?

Love Letters

I just flew to another city to have dinner with my work crush

I told her I had to be in her city for a convention, but really I just went to see her. Do I say something?

My friend found him on Bumble

In that same conversation he started talking about how he’s not as happy in the relationship, and through tears and I love yous, we broke up.

Love Letters

My ex started dating someone he met through me

I was heartbroken and devastated. I felt like I had been cheated on even though we never said we would be together.

Love Letters

I met a cosplayer on Instagram ...

Q. A month ago, I met this guy on Instagram (we have the same interest in cosplaying). Within two weeks, we confessed our feelings for each other, even though it’s really out of character for me to fall for someone in such a short time. He lives all the way in England while I’m in the US, but we still manage to find good times to communicate. We talk about how much we care for each other, and get excited whenever we discuss my going to his city to study abroad for a semester next year. He’s really funny but can also be serious and a good listener. We’re able to get on along well and can talk without feeling pressure (given the circumstances; we are behind screens).

Love Letters

Should I move to close the distance?

It’s been over two years now and I am exhausted from the plane rides, the FaceTime calls, and the fact that we only ever see each other one weekend a month.

Love Letters

Is he my friend’s ex-boyfriend?

I was shocked because he told me on the date that they’d just hooked up and nothing more.

love letters

He can’t get over his ex (and tells me about it)

He recently told me that he reached out to her two weeks ago because he thinks it could help him to get over her if he could talk to her about their breakup.

She took my money and left

I tried to get her back. I even wrote a hand-written letter to her, but no answer. She ghosted me and just got on with her life.

Love Letters

My boyfriend is going on a fantastic vacation — without me

After 3 years of a long-distance relationship, I’m upset that he planned a vacation with a friend.

Love Letters

He won’t explain the story behind the cheat

When answering these questions, he says he doesn’t know.

love letters

I give off a ‘non-dating’ vibe

I was a late bloomer – didn’t date in high school and had my first kiss at age 19 – and I feel like I’ve been playing catch-up ever since.

Love Letters

He told me he can’t commit to me

I enjoy spending time with him but now I am not so sure I should be.

Love Letters

I’m shy. I don’t drink. I dislike dating sites. Help!

A studious 28-year-old wants to settle down but would rather not have to swipe right.

Love Letters

I’m not used to a stable relationship

I don’t want to let go, but I have worries that we met too early in life.

Love Letters

‘I can’t understand the silence’

One year in, I thought we were in love.

Love Letters

I fell for him and ‘never got back up’

Like, how do we just go on being friends after that? Isn’t it clear to him that I want more?

Love Letters

She asked for my number 10 days ago — but hasn’t used it

I know her first name and the neighborhood she lives in. Should I try to find her?

Love Letters

Are we just friends with benefits?

My question: Is there any chance of a lasting relationship between us?

love letters

I’m not sure I want to date again

I like to say that the reason I never seriously dated anyone was because I didn’t want to risk bringing the wrong man around my daughter, but I think I was more afraid of being hurt again.

Love Letters

How to know when an on-and-off relationship should stay off

He tried to kick me out of our hotel room. So why can’t I leave him?

Love Letters

Should I come clean to my former work crush?

Now single, I thought: Wow, is this finally my opportunity with him?

Love Letters

Should we open the relationship or take a break?

I always imagined myself having more time to be single, and that I’d have more relationship experience before finding someone who I’d want to marry.

love letters

My boyfriend sent an angry text to my mom

I see no point in fighting with him about it because it’s already been done and he’s upset that he’s caused me more stress.

Love Letters

I regret what I said

I know I ruined our relationship with my hasty decision-making, letting emotions get the best of me. I want him back.

Love Letters

I want him to speak my love language

I know this probably sounds like the beginning of a cringey, stereotypical problem, but hear me out.

I want to cheat on my husband

I wait for my husband to go to work so I can talk to “W.” I hate holidays because my husband is always around and I don’t have the chance to talk with W.

Love Letters

He’s ready for marriage after three months of dating. Is it too soon?

She’s hesitant to move too quickly but she’s also afraid she could miss out.

Love Letters

She put her hands on me during arguments

I broke it off after the third time, literally walking out of our hotel room. I have not dated anyone since.

Love Letters

He’s still drinking

When he isn’t drinking, our relationship is amazing.

love letters

Am I being used for sex?

He says he loves me in his life, but he also loves his ex-wife, as she has done nothing wrong. (They had separated because of no physical intimacy for one year, and then he left her.)

Love Letters

I asked out my neighbor, and now things are . . . weird

He said yes, but since our date it’s been awkward.

Love Letters

Showing him the door leads to regrets

I’ve regretted saying it ever since. It’s not like me to say something like that.

Love Letters

Could this be a Miley Cyrus kind of relationship?

Now he has been asking me if I would ever consider getting back with him. I am scared because I practiced a lot of self-care in order to heal.

Love Letters

I haven’t dated in a year. How do I get out of this rut?

After my last breakup, I’ve been unable to muster the nerve to go online.

Love Letters

I’m moving to Milan. He lives in Milan

Should I send him a message or just deal with my thoughts? Because I have no idea how he would feel about me being there, or if he actually cares about it or not.

Love Letters

My partner is doing more co-parenting with his ex

The teen is not her child. The other day, my boyfriend brings home her 2-year-old (he is not the father of the baby), who spends the whole weekend at our house.

Love Letters

My work crush is ... married?

One, she’s married! Two, she’s leaving.

love letters

My husband or my first love?

During the time we were both apart emotionally and physically, I started seeing my first boyfriend again.

Love Letters

I fell for a social justice warrior. Now she just wants to pay the bills.

How do I get back the idealist I fell for?

Love Letters

I want a second date, he wants friendship

It was confusing and pretty upsetting given that first date had gone so well. Plus, I’d already let my mind start running away with ideas of a second date.

Love Letters

I’m exhausted from the swiping

I know there are great guys out there, and everyone keeps telling me that it’s just a matter of time, but I’m wondering if I’m trying too hard.

love letters

She’d rather spend time with her friends

All I hear is “friend this, friend that.”

Love Letters

Hooked up with an ex

I’m wondering . . . was it even a good idea to re-enter each other’s lives, knowing our history?

Love Letters

We’ll probably break up after graduation

I want to enjoy the time we have left together, but lately I feel so sad every time I’m around him.

love letters

‘My boyfriend and I have two entirely different methods of fighting’

I’ve learned that when I am upset, I have to stay quiet, take a few deep breaths, and let myself calm down before I can come back to it. He wants to work it out now!

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