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He won’t dump me

I’m 44; I don’t want to waste my whole life on a man who doesn’t really care about me.


A parenting coach on dealing with teens in quarantine: ‘Every relationship is a dance’

Parenting coach Joani Geltman joined Meredith Goldstein for a discussion about teens at home.


Questions about kids in quarantine and how young people are processing COVID-19

Ellen Braaten, co-director of the Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, joined Love Letters columnist Meredith Goldstein for a Q&A about how parents and children are coping with a changed world.

Should you text your ex? A flow chart.

We at Love Letters made a handy chart you can save to your phone, share with friends, cut out and put on your fridge, or carry to bed with you so you don’t make a mistake at 2 a.m.


Help me reframe this breakup

Relationship advice from Meredith Goldstein.

bride and groom touching rings by finger


Emotional cheating, lonely hearts, a friend’s husband on Tinder: The year in Love Letters

Instead of giving you a list of the Top 10 Love Letters at the close of 2019, we present you with the Top 15.

love letters

I didn’t know he was polyamorous

We talked about it for a bit and he explained that he’s currently seeing two other people.

love letters

Married but falling for a co-worker

As we spent more time together, our lunches started feeling more like dates.

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She ended things on Snapchat and won’t let me pick up my things

It’s been a month and I haven’t received my stuff even though she told my friend she sent it back.

love letters

Dealing with a long-distance breakup

The back story is that the stress had been piling up with school, work, loss of a parent, etc. That and doing long-distance. Flying to visit every few months for holidays ... it was a lot.

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She’s 25, traditional, and never been kissed

Dating is a source of anxiety, but she also finds her values don’t seem to mesh well with matchmaking sites.

Love Letters

Her boyfriend secretly saves screenshots of female friends

Meanwhile, her parents don’t even know she’s dating him.

love letters

I’m miserable about this ‘mature’ breakup

I want to tell him that I love him and I want to fight for him and be there for him.

Love Letters

He didn’t tell her he’s going to be a dad

They’re in love. But her boyfriend was keeping a secret. What should she do now?

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We’re in the wrong place for love — Canada

Sparks are flying for this north-of-the-border couple, but he wants to move out of the country.

love letters

How do I become friends with an ex?

I am newly 39 and my boyfriend of nine months broke up with me on our last day of vacation, which was also the day after my birthday.

Love Letters

Is it too soon to be this smitten?

In some ways, based on interests, he is almost like the male version of me.

Love Letters

My mom and my boyfriend aren’t speaking

I feel I have to sort through their individual problems and the problems they have with each other. It’s leaving me drained, exhausted, and very much alone.

Love Letters

I’m too mature for women my age

Should I be dating older women? I hear they don’t like 24-year-olds.

Love Letters

My ex wants to be my best friend

After breaking things off, he still wants to talk every day.

love letters

My ex says terrible things about me

Even though I know the breakup freed both of us, he is dragging my name through the mud.

Love Letters

Listen to Season 3 of the Love Letters podcast

How do you know it’s forever? Or if it’s not? Listen today as Meredith Goldstein tackles these questions and more on the first two episodes of the season.

Love Letters

I’ve been using online dating apps for three years. I’ve had one 2nd date

I’ve had good first dates, but then they ghost me. I had better luck in the real world. Should I go back?

Love Letters

Was he trying to break up with me?

We’ve been together eight months and it has seemed too good to be true in many ways.

Unsent Love Letters

(Unsent) Love Letters

Have you written a letter to someone you love(d) and not sent it? Composed a confessional email to an unrequited crush or drafted a dispatch to someone who let you down? Psychotherapist and “Where Should We Begin?” podcast host Esther Perel and Love Letters columnist and podcast host Meredith Goldstein explore the messages we keep to ourselves in (unsent) Love Letters.

(Unsent) Love Letters

My warped fantasy

The first unsent letter is a poem--short thoughts about wishes and dreams. It’s a seven-stanza missive to a colleague engaged to someone else.

My Warped Fantasy. A poem.

My warped fantasy

The first letter is a poem. Short thoughts about wishes and dreams. It’s a seven-stanza missive from a person to their engaged colleague.

(Unsent) Love Letters

Have you written a letter to someone you love(d) and not sent it? Composed a confessional email to an unrequited crush or drafted a dispatch to someone who let you down? Psychotherapist and “Where Should We Begin?” podcast host Esther Perel and Love Letters columnist and podcast host Meredith Goldstein explore the messages we keep to ourselves in (unsent) Love Letters.

Love Letters

I met a guy on vacation . . .

I have wanted to get out of my comfort zone for a while now, and this is the perfect way to do so.

love letters

Despite his lying, she’s struggling to move on

I think the proximity is part of what is making it hard to forget him — knowing he’s is back for the season and in my hometown.

Love Letters

Should I say ‘I love you’ first?

My fear is that if I say it first and he says it back right away, I’ll forever convince myself that he only said it to be polite.

Love Letters

How do I know if he’s the one?

I have a list of things I value in a person and he checks off all but one.

love letters

I was supposed to move in — then he dumped me

He said he didn’t love me enough. I’ve tried to move on.

Love Letters

I walk by the same guy every day. Would passing him a note be a good introduction?

My friends all tell me I should just talk to the guy, but I’d like to do something different.

Love Letters

‘I don’t like my husband’

I don’t want a divorce. I just would like for things to change.

A decade later, we’re still hooking up

I always thought it was just puppy love and that I would just get over it or meet someone new. But every time we see each other, our relationship progresses.

love letters

Another woman’s underwear in our laundry

Our marriage was great in the beginning. Ever since we moved together, though, things have been going downhill.

Love Letters

Is he too busy to date?

During the semester I work about 35 hours a week, have an unpaid internship for 15 hours, and take classes. Free time can be tough to find.

He always has an excuse to stay home

Even when I ask him to go to the grocery store, he says he can’t.

love letters

What should we know before moving for love?

I know people suggest talking finances and children before considering marriage, but what do you suggest talking about before trying again and moving for love?

Love Letters

Should I hook up with my ex?

... should I just say “whatever” and have fun?

Love Letters

A spooky dating tale: Ghosted and then zombied

What do you do when a onetime date, who had pulled a vanishing act, reappears suddenly?

Love Letters

She chose me as a wedding date

I used to have a big crush on her, and now that I see a window opening, I want to go for it.

Our families were raised together

Our families will be doing Christmas together this year too, which could be a good or bad thing depending on how this goes.

Love Letters

Is he finally ready for more?

We’ve been friends with benefits but here’s the thing – over the past few months we’ve been closer than ever.

Meredith Goldstein | Love Letters

The woman he’s dating won’t tell her hiking buddy she’s seeing someone

Am I offbase to want her to stop spending time with this guy?

Love Letters

What if my past is my future?

I have noticed that there has been one constant thing in my life — that I haven’t really fallen out of love with that first ex-girlfriend

Love Letters

My family hasn’t welcomed my boyfriend

Is this just because I am the oldest daughter/niece? Is my family seeing something I am not?

Love Letters

I just flew to another city to have dinner with my work crush

I told her I had to be in her city for a convention, but really I just went to see her. Do I say something?

My friend found him on Bumble

In that same conversation he started talking about how he’s not as happy in the relationship, and through tears and I love yous, we broke up.

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