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I want him to speak my love language

I know this probably sounds like the beginning of a cringey, stereotypical problem, but hear me out.

I want to cheat on my husband

I wait for my husband to go to work so I can talk to “W.” I hate holidays because my husband is always around and I don’t have the chance to talk with W.

Love Letters

He’s ready for marriage after three months of dating. Is it too soon?

She’s hesitant to move too quickly but she’s also afraid she could miss out.

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She put her hands on me during arguments

I broke it off after the third time, literally walking out of our hotel room. I have not dated anyone since.

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He’s still drinking

When he isn’t drinking, our relationship is amazing.

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Am I being used for sex?

He says he loves me in his life, but he also loves his ex-wife, as she has done nothing wrong. (They had separated because of no physical intimacy for one year, and then he left her.)

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I asked out my neighbor, and now things are . . . weird

He said yes, but since our date it’s been awkward.

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Showing him the door leads to regrets

I’ve regretted saying it ever since. It’s not like me to say something like that.

Love Letters

Could this be a Miley Cyrus kind of relationship?

Now he has been asking me if I would ever consider getting back with him. I am scared because I practiced a lot of self-care in order to heal.

Love Letters

I haven’t dated in a year. How do I get out of this rut?

After my last breakup, I’ve been unable to muster the nerve to go online.

Love Letters

I’m moving to Milan. He lives in Milan

Should I send him a message or just deal with my thoughts? Because I have no idea how he would feel about me being there, or if he actually cares about it or not.

Love Letters

My partner is doing more co-parenting with his ex

The teen is not her child. The other day, my boyfriend brings home her 2-year-old (he is not the father of the baby), who spends the whole weekend at our house.

Love Letters

My work crush is ... married?

One, she’s married! Two, she’s leaving.

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My husband or my first love?

During the time we were both apart emotionally and physically, I started seeing my first boyfriend again.

Love Letters

I fell for a social justice warrior. Now she just wants to pay the bills.

How do I get back the idealist I fell for?

Love Letters

I want a second date, he wants friendship

It was confusing and pretty upsetting given that first date had gone so well. Plus, I’d already let my mind start running away with ideas of a second date.

Love Letters

I’m exhausted from the swiping

I know there are great guys out there, and everyone keeps telling me that it’s just a matter of time, but I’m wondering if I’m trying too hard.

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She’d rather spend time with her friends

All I hear is “friend this, friend that.”

Love Letters

Hooked up with an ex

I’m wondering . . . was it even a good idea to re-enter each other’s lives, knowing our history?

Love Letters

We’ll probably break up after graduation

I want to enjoy the time we have left together, but lately I feel so sad every time I’m around him.

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‘My boyfriend and I have two entirely different methods of fighting’

I’ve learned that when I am upset, I have to stay quiet, take a few deep breaths, and let myself calm down before I can come back to it. He wants to work it out now!

I don’t know how to fall in love

I have this nagging suspicion that the reason I can’t find love is because I don’t know how to fall in love.

Love Letters

My wife is secretive when she socializes with co-workers

She constantly texts with and hangs out with people from work, excluding me from everything.

Love Letters

I’m ready to unblock him

Personally I feel like I’m in a better state of mind and don’t think I’d ghost again.

love letters

His ex sends him texts and videos

I don’t want to tell him to stop talking to her because I know that doesn’t lead to anything good, but I also would like his ex to respect my comfort level and relationship with him.

Love Letters

Questioning the end of a long-distance relationship

My boyfriend and I dated for three years, and he just moved to the other side of the world to continue his studies.

Love Letters

People keep telling her she dates like a guy

Do genders really have distinct styles when it comes to romance?

Love Letters

‘I wish I could be OK with where things are’

To me, it feels like our story isn’t done yet. He and I went through so much together, and I could really see a legitimate future with him.

Love Letters

She’s seen him twice in three years

She lives in Florida and he lives in New York.

Love Letters

Things are falling apart now that we’re retired

Here we are, at the last and best times of our lives, and I am . . . totally isolated and alone.

Love Letters

My wife lied about her evening with a famous athlete

There was more to this bachelorette party than just hanging out at the casino bar.

Love Letters

We’ve matured . . . so now what?

I’m sure we’ve both changed; people’s mind-sets change a lot from their late teens to early 20s.

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I want more from my roommate

I tried to kiss him but he denied me, saying he would like to kiss me but had concerns about being roommates.

Love Letters

I want a daily check-in

He goes days without acknowledging me. I’ve told him this is an issue for me, and he apologized and said he needs to be better about it.

Love Letters

Getting dumped doesn’t get easier with age

You’d think as we get older, we’d learn to handle breakups like adults.

Love Letters

Are we ready to move in together?

If we do that within the year, are we moving too fast?

love letters

I know I can’t love him

I feel like I can’t ever really “love” again. As if that part of me is just ... irreparably broken.

Love Letters

Is there a future with my ex?

Fast forward five years with no communication and boom — there he is.

Love Letters

We said we’d check in 60 days after our breakup. Do I have to?

In hindsight, I’m rethinking that agreement.

Love Letters

My husband of 20 years wants to separate

I suggested counseling and he said he does not believe it will help.

Do I have to use dating apps?

Honestly, I’m just very opposed to the idea of seeing a picture or two, a witty bio, and then deciding if I want to take a chance on a guy.

Love Letters

In love with my best friend

This person is someone I hope will always be in my life; he is a friend I strongly value and respect. But as each day passes, it becomes harder and harder to pretend like these feelings for him aren’t there.

Love Letters

A work crush has resurfaced

We caught up and I started to have feelings again.

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His child’s problems monopolize his life

Our plans get canceled at the last minute because the child is having trouble.

Love Letters

How can I speed up his divorce?

I am now in the early stages of pregnancy; he had been telling me that he was getting divorced, so I stopped taking my birth control.

Love Letters

It’s hard to date men who have kids

What are your thoughts on trying to date people with kids when I don’t have any?

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I don’t like his anger

Honestly, at first these just seemed like random one-offs but as time goes on I realize that it’s just his personality, maybe one part of himself that he hides at first.

Love Letters

I figured out he has a long-distance girlfriend and I’m the other woman

For some reason I am still holding out hope that he might come to his senses and choose me.

Love Letters

I’m ashamed of my feelings for an ex

Obviously, I want to shake this as soon as possible.

Love Letters

He didn’t tell me his ex is pregnant

I am extremely sad and conflicted because my heart wants to stay and give it a try because he is an amazing person, but my head is telling me that this obstacle is more than I can handle.

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