Latest New Hampshire Primary headlines

Shealy’s Bar-B-Que in Leesville, South Carolina, welcomed presidential candidate Jeb Bush to a campaign event.

Ground Game

Five ways the South Carolina primary is different from Iowa, N.H.

Republicans will hold their presidential primary Saturday in a state where they must navigate an entirely different political landscape.

Christie met supporters outside Webster Elementary School in Manchester, N.H.

Christie heading home to New Jersey to take stock of bid

Chris Christie had hoped for a strong finish in New Hampshire to propel his campaign.

John Kasich will not be in South Carolina on primary night

The Ohio governor will spend Saturday -- the day of the critical first-in-the-south presidential primary -- in Boston.

Tom Brady spoke after the Patriots’ loss in the AFC title game in Denver on Jan. 24.)

Tom Brady gets 4 write-in votes in N.H. primaries

Brady received two votes in the Democratic primary, and two in the Republican primary.

(Left to right) Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich.

It’s South Carolina’s turn to sort out the GOP field

New Hampshire was supposed to pick a favorite of the establishment GOP field. They didn’t, and now it’s South Carolina’s turn.

Campaign signs still lined the road in Hooksett, N.H., the day after the first-in-the-nation primary.


In N.H., the circus has packed up and gone home

New Hampshire basks in the attention that comes with its first-in-the-nation contest every four years. And then — poof — it all disappears.

Opinion | Eric Fehrnstrom

A Republican reality check

Now that the voting is over, it’s time to take stock of the New Hampshire primary.

These candidates are still mad for you!

Can you connect the angry quotes with the mad politicians that provided them?

Bernie Sanders addressed supporters after winning the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday.

Evan Horowitz | Quick Study

Can America afford Sanders’ big plans?

Sweeping changes like single-payer health care, free college tuition, and guaranteed parental leave don’t come cheap.

Former President Bill Clinton kissed his wife, Hillary Clinton, on the cheek at a rally in in Hooksett, N.H., on Tuesday.


Hey, Bill, exit left

Berating Bernie Sanders on Hillary Clinton’s behalf, as Bill Clinton also did in New Hampshire, doesn’t help his wife.

The Republican candidates debated on Saturday in New Hampshire.

Scot Lehigh

The end of the beginning

Republican primary voters shuffled the deck Tuesday, adding some clarity, but leaving lots for other states to decide.

Former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg.

Michael A. Cohen

Bloomberg possible in theory rather than fact

Even if Michael Bloomberg does choose to run, it’s far from clear that he will do well. In fact, the outcome likely would be the opposite.

Chris Christie addressed the crowd at his primary election night party Nashua.

Christie ends White House bid, spokeswoman says

Christie had banked his campaign on a strong finish in New Hampshire, but finished sixth.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders met with the Rev. Al Sharpton in Harlem on Wednesday, a day after Sanders’ double-digit win in the New Hampshire Democratic primary.

Democrats, Republicans look down long road to the nomination

New Hampshire’s primary results produced deep uncertainty about the parties’ trajectories.

Donald Trump signed autographs after speaking at the Freedom Summit in Manchester, N.H., on April 12, 2014,

Trump, Sanders planted seeds of N.H. primary win nearly 2 years ago

The New Hampshire primary’s stunning conclusion can be traced back to a single day in 2014.

Opinion | Steve Almond

How to talk to your kids about Donald Trump

An easy-to-follow guide for what to do when your young child brings up Trump.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders raises more than $5 million following N.H. win

In the middle of his victory speech, the senator from Vermont plugged his website and asked his supporters to donate money.

Supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders at Concord High School in Concord, N.H., on the night of the state’s first-in-the-nation primary.

evan horowitz | quick study

Forget ‘one person, one vote.’ That’s not how conventions work

Nominations are made during party conventions, where the voices of a few hundred party insiders can outweigh millions of citizens.

Donald Trump spoke to supporters Tuesday in Manchester, N.H., after winning the Republican primary in the Granite State.

Michael A. Cohen

Donald Trump proves it’s his race to lose

As good a night as it was for Trump, it was that much better when you consider what happened to the rest of the Republican field.

Donald Trump spoke to supporters Tuesday after winning the Republican primary in New Hampshire.

After N.H., candidates pivot to S.C. and beyond

Donald Trump said on the “Today” show he will release his tax returns “over the next few months,” attributing the delay to the size and complex nature of his taxes.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich looked on during a game Tuesday against the Heat in Miami.

Gregg Popovich shakes his head at N.H. primary results

The Spurs coach’s reaction came in an in-game interview as San Antonio played the Miami Heat.

A ballot was placed in the box as voters hit the polls at the Chichester, N.H., Town Hall during the state’s primary Tuesday.

ground game

N.H. rejects America’s two foremost political dynasties

By picking Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, the Granite State sent a message to voters in other upcoming primary states.

Ted Cruz stopped by the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, N.H.

Cruz looks to Southern states following N.H.

Though Cruz could not surmount Donald Trump to win the state’s primary, early returns have him virtually tied for third place.

What’s next in election 2016: Dates for primaries, caucuses

After the New Hampshire primary, the candidates turn their attention to Nevada and South Carolina.

Donald Trump supporters waited in a long line to attend the election night party.

What you need to know after N.H. primary

Tuesday’s results could draw out nomination battles in both parties well into the spring.

Michael Bloomberg is the real winner in NH

The biggest winner from the first-in-the-nation fracas this year wasn’t even on the ballot: Michael Bloomberg.

Voters hit the polls in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday, including this polling location in Chichester.

Finally, it was time for N.H. voters to choose

After months of taking measure of the candidates, voters flooded the state’s polling places Tuesday.

Nashua residents lined up to vote at the Broad Street school.


N.H. sends message to the next states in line

Granite State voters rejected the two foremost political dynasties in modern US politics in favor of anti-establishment candidates.

Watch: Candidates speak following N.H. primaries

It was a heated race in New Hampshire in the final days leading up to the primaries.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke to supporters Tuesday.

Donald Trump crushes his GOP rivals in N.H.

Trump now takes his swaggering, controversial campaign into more socially conservative states.

Laconia may live up to its rep as a bellwether

The community chose Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton, and had Donald Trump and John Kasich finishing first and second.

Donald Trump spoke to supporters in New Hampshire on Tuesday night.


New Hampshire Republicans sink their credibility

In handing victory to Donald Trump, N.H. voters stained, perhaps permanently, their reputation for discernment.

Polls show terror fears aided Trump, youth helped propel Sanders

Democratic voters valuing honesty or empathy over experience or electability propelled Bernie Sanders to a solid victory.

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., reacts to the cheering crowd at his primary night rally Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016, in Manchester, N.H. (AP Photo/J. David Ake)

Bernie Sanders defeats Hillary Clinton in N.H. primary

Bernie Sanders’ win was a sharp rebuke to establishment politics that will likely set off warning bells among the Democratic elite.

Marco Rubio embraced his family following his address to supporters following the N.H. Primary.

For Marco Rubio, what a difference a week makes

Rubio’s numbers were a stinging disappointment for a candidate who brimmed with momentum after his strong finish in Iowa.

Trump, Sanders win N.H. primary

Donald Trump won the Republican primary and Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary, according to projections.

Ohio Governor John Kasich outside a polling station in Concord, N.H.

Ground Game

All signs point to Kasich having a good N.H. primary

Voters have been choosing John Kasich from the white-collar suburbs of Bedford to the Seacoast and the Upper Valley, according to reports.

Voters stood in the line to register before casting their ballots in Portsmouth's Ward Four.

Charting a musical divide between Republicans in Iowa and N.H.

A Spotify subscriber list was anonymously matched to voter records to highlight trends and patterns that reflect on how politics and musical taste intersect.

Voters waited in a miles-long line of traffic to vote in the N.H. primary in Merrimack.

Long lines, traffic jams plague Merrimack polling place

It’s not pretty when a town like Merrimack, N.H., outgrows its election operation. The result? Long, long lines on primary day.

Jeb Bush paused for applause while giving his speech in N.H.

Jeb Bush faces mixed prospects after N.H.

Jeb Bush was hoping for a strong performance in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary.

John Kasich addressed supporters Tuesday.

Kasich finishes second in N.H.

Ohio Governor John Kasich appealed to independent voters and focused on a positive message.

N.H. Democratic primary results

After a close race in Iowa, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are battling again in New Hampshire. Find out who garnered the most votes in the primary.

N.H. Republican primary results

Nine candidates are vying for the GOP nomination. Find out who garnered the most votes in New Hampshire.

DERRY, NH - FEBRUARY 09: Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (R) greets Frank Fiorina, husband of republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, outside of a polling station at Gilbert H. Hood Middle School on February 9, 2016 in Derry, New Hampshire. New Hampshire voters are heading to the polls in the nation's first primaries. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Clinton sought to manage expectations before N.H. primary

In the week since her slim victory in the leadoff Iowa caucuses, Clinton’s campaign has tried to lower expectations for New Hampshire.

People cast their votes in the presidential primary at Windham High School.

Primary day brings circus to polls

Voters faced a gauntlet of placard hoisters, yard sign holders, reporters, cameramen, and celebrities at one polling place.

Wayward pig shows up at New Hampshire polling place

A 600-pound sow sauntered toward a polling place in the town of Pelham on Tuesday as voters turned out to cast their ballots.

Republican presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio and his children.


I’m with crazy, and other notes on New Hampshire

As the spotlight shifts to Donald Trump’s rivals, New Hampshire now decides how much crazy the rest of us must tolerate.

Voting booths were set up at the polling station at Merrimack High School in Merrimack, N.H., Tuesday.

Ground Game | Election day

An overview of the New Hampshire primary

All eyes are on the Granite State Tuesday as voters cast their ballots in the first-in-the-nation presidential primary.

Democrat Bernie Sanders (left) and Republican Donald Trump spoke Monday during campaign appearances in New Hampshire.

Trump, Sanders look to emerge from N.H. with wins

If Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders win Tuesday, the victories would lend needed credibility to their campaigns.

Resident Jeff Stevens (center) cast the first vote shortly after midnight in Dixville Notch, N.H.

Sanders, Kasich win first N.H. votes in Dixville Notch, Hart’s Location

The small hamlet held the first vote in the first-in-the-nation primary shortly after midnight Tuesday.