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Five things I learned writing about opioid addiction

A Boston Globe reporter who has written extensively about addiction and treatment is heartened by the compassion and resolve of caregivers, and the courage and resilience of those struggling with addiction.

Emily Seaman, with her daughter, Olivia. Seaman said she was able to recover from addiction because she was ready this time.

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In a flash of clarity, lives marred by drugs find meaning

Whether it’s holding a newborn and vowing to be a good parent, or simply waking up one morning yearning for a better life, the time comes — seemingly all of a sudden — when people with addiction find inspiration to reclaim their lives.

Jim Franchek held a photo of his daughter Emma, who died of an overdose. He has many photos of her in his home.

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Drugs took their children, but not their hope that others might be saved

The experiences of three young adults who fatally overdosed, as told by their parents, contain lessons for addressing the opioid crisis.

David Spitz and Diane DiGennaro took their granddaughter to the grave of her father, Jacob Spitz, who died from addiction.

How addiction treatment falls short, and what is being done about it

Failure to provide medication and inadequate help for mental illness are among the most glaring flaws.

Where parents can seek help for addiction treatment

You can contact these organizations for addiction questions and assistance.

“A lot of folks didn’t know this was a disease you could treat,” said Dr. Alister Martin, an emergency room doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Emergency rooms once offered little for drug users. That’s starting to change

Massachusetts General Hospital emergency doctors can now prescribe medication for addiction, and a new state law requires others to do the same.

Scallop fisherman Tyler Miranda, on board the Brittany Eryn ship in New Bedford, is in recovery from addiction to opioid painkillers.

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Finding help for addicted fishermen

A painful job leads some to opioid misuse, but a fisherman’s schedule makes treatment difficult.

OTC Clinician Kathy Belanger (center) worked with Dawn Wahl and her son Michael Wahl, of Fall River, at the Open Access Clinic at SSTAR, a treatment facility in Fall River.

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Inside an addiction-treatment clinic where walk-ins are welcome

The Fall River center is one of three “opioid urgent care clinics” intended to seize the moment when a person wants addiction treatment.

Boston, Ma., 06/12/18, Dawn Dingee is the mother of Stephen Gonzalez, who died of an overdose in April a few hours after being released from jail. Stephen had been on methadone but was forced off it in jail. Dawn went to the Suffolk County House of Correction to pick up her son's belongings, but all she received was this check for $82.71 and was told his things were disposed of because it had been past 30 days. Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

Addicted people often end up in jail. That can be deadly for them

Most jails and all prisons in Massachusetts deny inmates access to medications to treat addiction. When discharged, inmates are at high risk of fatal overdose.

‘I was sick and I needed medicine’

After a decade of shooting heroin, a man resumes an upper-middle-class life, and credits a medication. Others disapprove of anti-addiction drugs, and specialists say this resistance to proven therapies impedes the battle against opioids.

Medications to treat opioid addiction

A glossary of drugs and how they work

After a family tragedy, Colin Beatty started Column Health.

road to recovery | part one

A quest for addiction treatment that works, and the data to prove it

A new and fast-growing company, Column Health, is challenging the traditional ways and measuring its own progress.