Latest Thanksgiving 2016 headlines

Live: Obama’s final turkey pardon

Will it be Tater or Tot who gets Barack Obama’s final Thanksgiving pardon as president of the United States?

How to cook a perfect Thanksgiving turkey

Don’t want to wreck Thanksgiving? Here’s the way to cook the perfect bird. Plus, roasting times and food safety tips.

From left: Kristen Kish; Izzy Berdan, Aquitaine Group; Carlos Javier Rodriguez, Orinoco; Dan Raia, Sweet Cheeks.

What does Thanksgiving look like in America? A holiday that belongs to everyone.

Members of Boston’s diverse restaurant community share their Thanksgiving stories.

Lattice apple pie with brown sugar.

The quest for the perfect pie dish

What should you be baking in to ensure the best results?

Maple-brined turkey and quahog stuffing, prepared by chef Sherry Pocknett at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center.

Giving thanks, in every season

At the Pequot Museum, chef Sherry Pocknett celebrates Native American fare — and reminds us that gratitude belongs at the table year-round.

xxkressyrec - Cornbread and sausage casserole stuffing. (Sheryl Julian)

Recipe for cornbread and sausage casserole stuffing

Save time and effort by starting with commercially prepared cornbread.

What wine should you drink for Thanksgiving?

Here’s what to pair with turkey and all the trimmings.

For Globe reporter Nestor Ramos, deep-frying a 14-pound turkey in his backyard takes a little patience, a little precaution — and a little bourbon.

A deep-fried oasis, away from the Thanksgiving scrum

Did you really want to talk politics with your extended family? A turkey and a large vat of hot oil ensure you won’t have to.

Deconstructed stuffed mushrooms

Recipe for deconstructed stuffed mushrooms

Top sauteed mushrooms with garlicky breadcrumbs.

Nut and seed rolls

Recipe for nut and seed rolls

Good with the meal, even better with leftovers.

Kale salad with butternut squash, cranberries, and goat cheese

Recipe for kale salad with butternut squash, cranberries, and goat cheese

A way to serve greens that still feels like Thanksgiving.

Roasted carrots and cranberries with maple glaze

Recipe for roasted carrots and cranberries with maple glaze

You can also make this dish with a medley of root vegetables.

Cranberry-pear sorbet

Recipe for cranberry-pear sorbet

A beautiful frozen dessert you don’t need a machine to make.

Recipe for maple-brined turkey

Putting brown paper bags over the bird keeps it juicy.

Chocolate chess pie

Recipe for chocolate chess pie

Pumpkin and pecan are classic, but it’s nice to mix things up a little.

Recipe for stuffed pumpkin

This dish showcases the Three Sisters — squash, corn, and beans — staple foods in Native American cuisine.

Recipe for cornmeal cakes with cranberry chutney

A take on Native American “journey cakes,” which became known as johnny cakes.