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After her cancer diagnoses, Marie Cajuste’s life unraveled. She was unable to work during the most intense part of her treatment.

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A double diagnosis — cancer while poor

Cancer is a tremendous burden for anyone, but for a growing number of lower-income and even middle-class patients, an illness means an avalanche of trouble.

Jessica Kirk has tried for years to find consistent, affordable treatment for her daughter, Georgia, who has bipolar disorder.

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For many, a struggle to find affordable mental health care

Treatment has become, in large measure, a private-pay business that operates outside the insurance system.

“I am a completely different person,’’ Shellye Echeverria of Queens, N.Y., said after her care at a specialized McLean Hospital center.

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At elegant McLean psychiatric outpost, $2,150 a day, and insurance is not welcome

The well-known psychiatric hospital is steadily expanding in the world of “private-pay” treatment, boosting options for the upper middle class and wealthy at a time when many other patients say they can’t get their insurers to pay for adequate treatment.