Latest What Is Next For The Catholic Church headlines

Alex Beam

There are still good reasons for becoming a Catholic

In 2018, women and men come to Catholicism for reasons both profound and mundane.

Opinion | David D’Alessandro

What the Catholic Church must do to restore confidence

To restore confidence, the Catholic Church must demonstrate it is adaptable to 21st-century realities and not mired in medieval views.

Opinion | Deborah Kincade Rambo

The daily work of helping the vulnerable continues

It is this daily work in our communities — charting a path out of poverty — that we hope will be our proudest legacy.

Opinion | James Martin

The church needs to open its files

The church must open the abuse files for the dioceses and religious orders across the country.

Opinion | Maura Healey

We must change our culture and reform our laws

We are living through a new era of support for survivors of sexual assault as brave people continue to come forward to report what happened to them.

Opinion | Hans Zollner

Safeguarding children must become a matter of the heart

We have the choice as to whether this goes on and on, or whether we confront what we know all at once.