Deputy Managing Editor, Print and Operations

David Dahl

David Dahl chooses and edits page one stories and oversees newsroom operations. Dahl also has been closely involved in our transformation to a multi-platform news source and helped as a liaison with business operations at the Globe.

Latest stories

Nation’s divisions reflected, deepened by fight for court

By Alexander Burns , New York Times

To the right and left alike, Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination appears less like a final spasm of division — a sobering trauma, followed by calm resolution — than an event that deepens the national mood of turbulence.


By Christina Poletto , Globe Correspondent

For those who feel backed into a corner by the latest minimalist-design fads, expert advice on decluttering your life. |


Richard Sipe helped uncover pattern of clergy sex abuse

By Michael Rezendes , Globe Correspondent

Sipe, who died Wednesday, explained that the clergy abuse horrors the Globe’s Spotlight team was discovering were quite likely part of a pattern throughout the church.

Mueller’s questions for Trump revealed

By Michael S. Schmidt , New York Times

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has at least four dozen questions on an exhaustive array of subjects he wants to ask President Donald Trump.