Nestor Ramos

Nestor Ramos is a columnist who writes about issues of interest and import in and around Boston. Sometimes he also writes about food.

He joined the Globe as a general assignment reporter and feature writer in 2014. A native of New Haven, Conn. and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Ramos worked as a columnist, reporter and editor in Rochester, N.Y., Sioux Falls, S.D. and Portland, Ore.

Latest stories

At the edge of a warming world

By , Globe Staff

To the millions of us who visit Cape Cod once or twice a summer, the effects of climate change can seem subtle, if we see them at all: A breach in the dunes. A crack in the pavement. But once you know how to see what is shifting, changing and washing away, it is impossible to ignore. Come with us as we explore the Cape to better understand what climate change is doing here, what it means for the future of this beloved place, and what the cost of inaction might be.


Let’s admit it: This is who we are

By , Globe Staff

In the few hours between one mass shooting and the next one, we hear the same lie.

Nestor Ramos

Forged in pain, new Mass. General gun violence center aims at prevention

By , Globe Staff

The Mass. General Center for Gun Violence Prevention was founded by two doctors determined to do more than fix broken bodies.

Nestor Ramos

Feds can’t seem to pick a lane when it comes to obstruction of justice

By , Globe staff

Irony is dead. But do we have to dance on its grave, too?